Crystal Capital Partners is a financial investment firm that use their own Fintech. During my time as a frontend developer here I was in charge of updating the insights page with custom HTML CSS and JAVASCRIPT. I was also able to accomplish starting a UI/UX workflow within the company. Instead of develop and design as you go, we flipped it to the standard way most companies do things. Now being Lead UI and Frontend developer, I took many projects and was able to deliver successful improvements to their platform.

The Challenge Of Project

One of the challenges I faced here was the outdated workflow. I was able to help remedy that by switching from developing and designing along the way to design first and once we finalize then we move forward to development.

Once that was in place I worked on a project that required to take paper portfolios that they used to send out to their clients, to an online portfolio. Problem was that most of their design elements worked for print but not so much for web, especially being responsive.

Key Issues
  • No online portfolio to work from
  • Design elements worked well in print but not in web
  • Design elements did not work for mobile

1. Created an environment using AWS to work from so business can see progress.

2. Was able to keep most design elements on desktop and designed for 2500px sizes since most of our research showed that our target audience used monitors or cast it to their TVs.

3. As the page got smaller, we shifted the design elements to better design elements that fit tablet and mobile for efficiently.

What I Provided

Helped the Marketing department implement better practices to produce better resulting UI. Also built and implemented current designs from email templates to Web pages using HTML, CSS, and JS.

  • Implemented UI/UX workflow within the company.
  • Contribute to the ongoing improvement of the team’s processes and development practices.
  • Design responsive web and mobile application experiences using Sketch, Adobe XD, Adobe illustrator and Figma.
  • Design and Develop email templates.
  • Created road maps, and managed scope for multiple design projects.
  • Identified user experience flows and revised UI to better suit the user.
  • Wireframing, prototyping, and design creation for web, desktop, and mobile responsive product.
  • Rapidly build and iterate prototypes to validate and refine concepts and test ideas.
  • Knowledge of user preferences to the user’s digital products experience.
  • Use UI /UX best practices and build web components using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery.
  • Used Frontend frameworks like Bootstrap, GSAP, AOS, SVG animations and more.
  • Led meetings with the team to better improve products and display results to shareholders.
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