Genius Prek was an application that targeted kids in Prek and Kindergarden. Making sure they hit their milestones and goals for kids in their age group. We also tracked how the child is learning and how they identify with different types of interactive content.

The Challenge Of Project

Teachers didn’t have a good way to get kids to learn the materials they needed and track the child progress and milestones along the way. A lot of teachers complained that the kids didn’t want to use the material provided to them by the state. Because of that, children in low income city areas suffered greatly.

Key Issues
  • No user friendly app for Teachers
  • No user friendly app for Students
  • Tracking software was not consistent
  • Children not learning
  • Children falling behind in hitting milestones
  1. Developed an app that allows students to learn a subject in the type of content they wanted. We also designed lesson plans for users to follow to help ensure they hit there milestone.
  2. In said app, developed a teacher portal that allowed teachers to set up their lesson plans with a database of content made by teachers AND students. Users had the ability to “Repost” they content in their own words and choice of content.
  3. Our tracking software worked seamlessly across student and teachers.
  4. Made learning new subjects fun for the child, therefor it was easy for them to hit their milestones accomplishments.

What I Provided

I was the Project lead designer for this application. In that role I designed and developed the landing page you see above. I took the designed elements and animated them to give the page life as the users scrolled through. I also designed the PreK app that was available on both apple and android market place. Worked closely with mobile developers and teachers to conceptualize the whole app and how it would work on the field.

  • Ran user test monthly
  • User journeys
  • 10 user Personas
  • Accounted for common use cases
  • Lo-fi Mockups
  • Hi-fi Mockups with prototype
  • Designed and developed landing pages
  • Designed the Prek app
  • Led a team of seven and managed Jira, and day to day tasks based on requirements and priorities.
  • Led meetings with the team to better improve products and display results to shareholders.
  • Develop, scope and manage multiple concurrent design projects.
  • Design and Develop email templates.
  • Carry out user testing with Helio and Maze and provide recommendations based on results.
  • Design responsive web and mobile experience using Sketch, Adobe XD, and Adobe illustrator.
  • Establish web and Mobile designs by creating wireframes and mockups using Sketch.
  • Create user flows, storyboards, and high fidelity mockups.
  • Produce interactive prototypes using InVision.
  • Conducted thorough research on users to build user profiles and make value propositions.
  • Exported designs and assets to Zeplin for developers to use
  • Worked on interactive sites and mobile map interfaces.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability and overall experience.
  • Work closely with key stakeholders to communicate easy to use designs, and strategy plans.
  • Use UI /UX best practices and build web components using HTML, CSS, Javascript and ReactJS

Unfortunately, due to an NDA. I cannot show any more mockups and work that I did for this company. If you would like to talk more in depth, please bring it up in our phone call. Thank you for understanding.

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