AVDA is a project that marries the functionality of most dating apps and job post listings. The premise is to shorten the time for employers to interview their future employees.

The Challenge Of Project

The main challenge was that it takes too long to get a position filled because of a long sifting list of applicants that sometimes don’t match up to requirements of the job. Because of this, employers usually take months to find the right candidate and even sometimes pay other companies to do this for them. Meanwhile the applicant is waiting an extensive amount of time and can get picked up by another company. The question thus came, how do we shorten the time to fill a role?

Key Issues
  • No app in the market that does this
  • Making job listing appealing to the applicants
  • Making applicants appealing to employers
  • Shortening the time which applicants and future employers talk.
  1. Creating an app that combines the designs of a dating site with the information of a job posting
  2. Using design elements that showcase the benefits of the job posting
  3. Using design elements that showcase the skills and percentage score of the applicant
  4. Being able to message the applicant and the employer once they match
What I Provided

Designed their whole mobile application from the ground up. Also designed their landing page and marketing material. This product was featured on FOX and other TV agencies.

  • Contribute to the ongoing improvement of the team’s processes and development practices.
  • Design responsive web and mobile application experiences using Sketch, Adobe XD, Adobe illustrator and Figma.
  • Design and Develop email templates.
  • Created road maps, and managed scope for multiple design projects.
  • Created style guides (fonts, colors, grids, font sizes) to make sure we hit details.
  • Identified user experience flows and revised UI to better suit the user.
  • Wireframing, prototyping, and design creation for web, desktop, and mobile products.
  • Rapidly build and iterate prototypes to validate and refine concepts and test ideas.
  • Knowledge of user preferences to the user’s digital products experience.
  • Led meetings with the team to better improve products and display results to shareholders.
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